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Hey There!

I'm JJ's wife and I'm here to help you grow in your walk with Our Lord. Discipleship is SO important in our daily lives and unfortunately, the modern day Christian has not placed a very high priority on it. I am here to help you with that! Wives, moms, sisters,'s time we fix our eyes on Jesus and walk with Him again in the cool of the day.

About Me

Outside of life in ministry with JJ and our girls, I am an Ordained Minister in the Church of God, Cleveland, TN. I am also the Creative Director at our home church, Covenant Fellowship in Bristol, VA. I am blessed to have the privilege to work remotely when needed during our longer trips. JJ and I, together, are the Young Adult Pastors at the same church. I also do free-lance work as a social media manager, website designer, and graphic designer. I am currently in my senior year of classes at Lee University for my degree in counseling. 

Behind the scenes I am working to start a ministry of my own primarily for ladies. It will encompass all the things that will help us develop our own relationships with God. Until then, on this page you will find the different projects that I am dabblin' in.  

If you are interested in booking me to come speak at your church, conference, or event please just fill out the form below and I'll respond asap. 

Seasonal Sermon Notes Journal


Make sermon note-taking easy! It is a beautiful and sleek journal that will easily fit in your purse, Bible bag, or stacked with your Bible. A new design will drop before each new season so you don't have to sweat carrying around a bulky journal for a year! Keep it fresh! Each journal has 15 weeks worth of content in addition to extra "After Thoughts" note pages at the end.

Buy from Amazon here:


Coming Soon!

Still to drop this year:

  • Winter Sermon Notes Journal

  • Winter Sermon Notes Journal Men's Edition

  • Winter Sermon Notes Digital Edition (Men's & Women's)

  • Hardback Spiral Bound Year Long Sermon Notes Journal

  • 31 Days of Biblical Inspiration - Adult Coloring Devotional Book - (all coloring pages drawn by JJ or Naomi Cox)

7 Days Encouraging Coloring Pages

I am working on a 31 day adult coloring book to encourage the soul combining Bible verses, devotions, and art. Each page in that book will be drawn by either myself or JJ. 

But for now, in an effort to give something back to our incredible community, I crafted a mini 7 page document. Just click away and download it. I hope you enjoy!

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